Asajj Ventress
First appearance | Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 Film)
Last appearance | The Wrong Jedi
Appeared in | Film, S1, S3, S4, S5
Gender | Female
Species | Dathomirian
Affiliation | Separatists (Formerly)
Homeworld | Dathomir
Weapon(s) | Twin bladed Lightsaber
Family | Unidentified Mother
Voiced by  | Nika Futterman


====Invasion of Christophsis====

====Battle of Teth====

Now you fall - as all Jedi Must!

Asajj Ventress

Season One

Securing Toydaria

In Ambush, Asajj Ventress served as a messanger for her master: Count Dooku in order to intercept the Galactic Republic's plan to send Jedi Master Yoda to Toydaria in order to secure an alliance with King Katuunko. Arriving first, Ventress and her Separatist fleet blocked all transmissions from the planet so as to prevent master Yoda from landing. Through a holotransmission, Dooku proposed that the Toydarians join the Separatists, under the vise that the Republic fleet would be destroyed. Retaining faith in the Jedi, Katuunko instead insisted on giving Yoda a chance, and unknown to Ventress, the Jedi master had already succeeded in landing on the planet's surface. Contacting the King, Yoda questioned as to why Dooku had been invited to
Ambush Fail

Negotiations fail on Toydaria.

such a private meeting. Wanting to prove the Republic insufficient to protect the Planet, Katuunko agreed to allow Ventress to test Yoda's skills in battle by sending in a legion of droids to dispatch him. If he was was captured, Katuunko would have to consider an alliance with the Separatists. Ventress later contacted her master and notified him of the plan, promising to give Yoda a "fair fight". After Yoda managed to defeat the first wave of droids sent after him and his clones, Ventress was forced to send in even heavier reinforcements, including Super Battle Droids. The grand master contacted Katuunko once again, expressing no concern for his predicament, further angering Ventress and causing her to crush Katuunko's holotransmitter. With the Separatists defeated, Dooku order Ventress to kill the Toydarian King. Taking out both of his aides, Ventress prepared to strike Katuunko with her lightsabers, but was stopped just in time as Yoda arrived, easily incapacitating Ventress, and forcing her to retreat onboard her Solar Sailor.

Capturing Nute Gunray

In Cloak of Darkness, following the arrest of Viceroy Nute Gunray on Rodia, Ventress ws sent to infiltrate the Jedi Cruiser Tranquility, in order to free the Nemoidian prisoner, who was being escorted under Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, with ulterior motives of proving herself worthy as Dooku's apprentice. Unknown to the Jedi, Captain Faro Agryus was secretly conspiring with Ventress to help Gunray escape. Bringing in a hoard of droid fighters and boarding ships, Ventress successfulling infiltrated the cruiser, beginning a full-scale takeover of the hanger bay and slaughtering several clones with her lightsabers. Using a dead clone trooper's comm to fine the location of Gunray, Ventress used the ventilation system to scale the ship undetected and plant several mines inside the engine room, while stealthily avoiding detection. While Master Unduli dealt with the droid batallion, Ventress slipped into Gunray's prison corridor, engaging in a lightsaber battle with Tano. Tano ordered Argyus and the clones to shoot her, however

Ventress battles Ahsoka Tano and Luminara Unduli onboard the Tranquility.

Ventress purposely left Argyus alive, force pushing him into a control panel. Ventress managed to successfully release Gunray, trapping Tano inside the prison cell. Unduli arrived just in time to intercept the assassin, however, Ventress detonated the mines in the engine room, providing a distraction and allowing her to escape down the elevator shaft. Unduli followed her, and Ventress was able to trap her under a mass of pillars, nearly killing her, if not for the intervention of padawan tano. The two battled Ventress together, however, nonetheless, Ventress escaped with Gunray and Argyus in tow. Angered by Argyus' arrogant personality and claim to take the credit for Gunray's escape, Ventress stabbed him through the chest with her lightsaber, killing him. Unknown to the Jedi, General Grievous had planted a fake beacon on Vassek in order to draw Jedi Kit Fisto away from Gunray.

Season Three

I will have my revenge...

—Asajj Ventress

Infiltration of Kamino

Following the destruction of the Republic outpost on the Rishii Moon, Ventress and General Grievous prepare to mount an attack on Kamino in order to compromise the cloning facilities. Unknown to them however, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were able to intercept a message of their plans. Planning to attack Tipoca City first, Ventress and Grievous both had diffuculty working together on the attack, though they were both assigned to the job by Count Dooku and Ventress prepared to infiltrate the

Ventress evades Anakin Skywalker once again.

facility onboard her underwater Trident Drill ship. With Skywalker preoccupied with the Seperatist attack above the planet, the Separatists used disguised "debris" from the space battle to build an assault craft. Kenobi discovered this too late, and Grievous began to mount his attack on the city. Inside, Ventress slaughtered large numbers of clone troopers before force choking Commander Colt and driving her lightsaber through his heart and the kissing his dead corpse. Whitnessing the clone's death, Grievous compliments Ventress on her skills, but reminds her that he is the general of the operation. Ventress promptly left to find the DNA room, and was interrupted by Skywalker, who battled her over the DNA sample. Overwhelmed by clones, and stripped of the sample, Ventress was forced to retreat, along with the other Separatists.

Betrayed by Dooku

As the Clone Wars drew on, Ventress began to lose favor with Darth Sidious, her power more threatening to his puroses than ever. In Nightsisters, Ventress leads an air assault over Sullust against several Republic cruisers, aboard her Fanblade Starfighter. With the Republic fleet nearly at her mercy,

Ventress is abandoned by Dooku.

Ventress was able to destroy an entire cruiser single handedly. Meanwhile however, Darth Sidious himself sensed her dark power as a disturbance in the force, and ordered Dooku to have her "eliminated" personally, seeing her only as a threat to his power. Tailing Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ventress was able to shoot down Kenobi's starfighter, forcing him to crash land inside the hangar bay of a nearby cruiser. However, Ventress' had substained damage from Skywalker, and also crash landed inside the hanger. Pleading Dooku for more reinforcements, he refused to assist her, claiming that she had

Ventress battles Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi

failed him for the last time and that she was no longer his apprentice. Left alone to fend for herself against the Jedi, she refused to surrender, battling both Kenobi and Skywalker at the same time. Unknown to the three of them, Dooku had ordered the nearest separatist cruiser to fire upon the very ship they were on. In an act of desperation, injured by the crash, Ventress savagely force choked both Kenobi and Skywalker into submission. Unfortunately, a nearby explosion caused her to lose her concentraton, and she eventually was disarmed of both of her lightsabers and left at the mercy of both Jedi. As a wrecked ship crashed into the hangar, the Ventress was able to make an escape. As the cruiser exploded, Dooku assumed Ventress as dead.

Still inside her damaged ship and unconcious, she was collected by a traversing Salvage ship and recovered by a band of pirates, including a Twi'lek named Ratch. Demanding to be taken to Dathomir, Ventress killed the entire crew when Ratch refused. Piloting the ship herself to Dathomir, Ventress was reunited with Mother Talzin, the head of the local Nightsister clan, and welcomed as an old friend and fellow sister. Using the water of life, Talzin was able to tap into Ventress' memories, also forcing Ventress to relive her past and come to the desire to get revenge on her master for betraying her. Willing to help Ventress, Talzin sent her most skilled warriors Karis and Naa'leth along with her, using a special potion to make them appear as mist, and therefore invisible, and supplying Ventress with a poison dart to dull Dooku's senses.

Avenging Herself

Departing from Dathomir along with Karis and Naa'leth, they arrive on Serenno, and quickly infiltrate Dooku's palace without detection, and enter his bed chamber, after Ventress warns both nightsister not to underestimate him considering his status as a sith lord. Sticking the poison dart into his neck, the three of
Ventress Talzin

Ventress and Mother Talzin.

them began to engage in battle with the Sith. Although he was blinded to tem, Dooku put up a fair fight, easily defending himself. However, he was subdued by a force push from Ventress. Thinking he was done for, Ventress prepared to strike him down, only to be suprised by an intense shock of force lightning. Dooku then proceeded to hurl all three assassins out the window. Defeated, they returned to Dathomir. Talzin insisted that their infiltration had weakened Dooku, however, and proved him vulnerable, knowing that he would be looking for a new apprentice to replace Ventress.

Recruiting Savage Opress

Your weakness will not be my downfall!

Asajj Ventress

After Mother Talzin invited Dooku to Dathomir in order to promise a new apprentice, formed from Nightsister magic, Ventress agreed to help train the recruit in order to make him a pawn in the ultimate demise of Count Dooku. Talzin sent her to the far side of Dathomir, in a small local Dathomirian Zabrak village in order to find a possible future apprentice for Dooku. Gathering a small group of Zabrak warirors together, including Savage Opress and his brother Feral, Ventress brutally beat those she did not see fit to serve her purposes, and made the rest to be tested against her in a training match, to see who would survive. During

Ventress after recruiting Savage Opress.

the first test, Ventress managed to disarm all of the Zabrak brother except for Opress and Feral, and kill at least one of them, leaving only four remaining warriors alive. Seeing Opress' passion for his brother's safety as a weakness, Ventress voiced her disappointment in their skills. For the second test, Ventress killed two more of them with her swinging axe, leaving only Opress and Feral as the final two alive. Ventress was impressed with Opress' ability to evade her third attack. For the third test, Ventress began to brutally beat Feral, and was interrupted by Savage trying to protect him. Impressed by Savage's brutality, she decided to recruit him instead, and brought him back to the Nightsister camp. Using magic to brainwash Opress and enhance his strength, Savage was ordered to kill his brother Feral by Ventress, to which he succeeded in doing, solidifying his place as a toy of the Nightsisters. Eventually, Savage was presented to Dooku, successfuly becoming his new apprentice. In Witches of the Mist, Ventress and Talzin are forced to put their plan in action after Jedis Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrive looking for whereabouts on Opress, although Ventress sees him as not ready to face Dooku. Arriving on Dooku's Separatist frigate, just as he was torturing Opress for killing Katuunko, Dooku orders Savage to kill her, to which she laughs and reveals his true allegiance, which is towards the Nightsisters. As the two of them fight against Dooku, Skywalker and Kenobi also arrive on the frigate, unknown to them. Nearly striking Dooku down, Ventress orders him to finish the Sith Lord off, but he

Ventress and Savage Opress prepare to attack Dooku

is momentarily incapacitated. Frustrated by Savage's inability to kill the Count, Ventress angrily attacked Dooku, only for Opress to lose it, and begin force choking both of them. As she and Dooku were forced to momentarily work together to subdue him, Dooku took the chance to escape through a secret hatch, and Ventress went after him. Facing off against Dooku one on one, Ventress fought him once again, but was disarmed of her lightsabers and elctrocuted, once again at her master's mercy. Bringing down his lightsaber to kill Ventress once and for all, she used the force to deflect the blade into a steam pipe, temporarily blinding Dooku and allowing her to escape for the final time, in an escape pod.

Season Four

I have nothing left...

—Asajj Ventress

Fall of the Nightsisters

With no other option but to go into hiding following her humiliating defeat, Ventress returned to Dathomir, seeking guidance from Mother Talzin once again. Wanting her to be free from Separatist control or the influence of the war, Talzin urged Ventress to become a true Nightsister. Unknown to Ventress, Dooku had order General Grievous to wipe the entire Nightsister clan out, knowing of Ventress' return to Dathomir. On

Ventress fights for her Nightsister clan.

the planet's surface, Ventress underwent the initiation ritual to becoming a reborn Nightsister, pledging her loyalty and life to her fellow sisters and Talzin. During her celebration, Grievous' Separatist fleet began bombarding the planet, preparing for a full scale invasion. Sending legions of droids to massacre the nightsisters, Grievous began planning his assault. Ventress, knowing that the Separatists had only arrived because of her presence, felt extreme guilt for what she knew would be a massacre. After an explosion caused one of the ceremonial statues to fall and crush Karis, Ventress was left devastated, and angry. Mounting an opposition towards the droid army, Ventress led her sisters from the ground and the treetops, using her lightsabers to cut the droids down swiftly. After Old Daka ressurected the dead Nightsisters to help serve as reinforcements, Ventress and the Nightsisters were able to momentarily gain the upper hand, successfuly destroying the Defoliator. Facing off against Grievous on her own, Ventress made a deal: if she were to win the duel, he would have to retreat. Fueled by anger, Ventress managed to beat down Grievous into submission. However, the droid

Talzin appears to Ventress for the final time.

general went back on his word, and ordered his army to fire, resulting in Ventress getting shot in the shoulder.Luce helped Ventress escape Grievous before he could kill her, but was shot in the chest before they got very far, and died in Ventress' arms. Ventress, now completely alone, and unaware that all of her Nightsisters had been killed including Old Daka, stumbled through the forests of Dathomir. Mother Talzin appeared to her, and confirmed her greatest fear - the entire clan had been wiped out. Ventress begged Talzin to stay with her, and to not be left alone, but Talzin disappeared, leaving her to pursue her own destiny.

Bounty Hunter

Once I was like you, but I'm not that person anymore. Now, I have a future...

—Asajj Ventress

Retreating to the far Outer-Rim, Ventress went into a self imposed exile, unsure of her future path and unmotivated. Eventually, she made her way to Tatooine, stumbling upon a local cantina. Angered by the forceful advances of a drunkard named Oked, she ignited her lightsaber through his stomach, effectively killing him. Unknown to her, she had killed the sixth member of a band of bounty hunters led by Boba Fett. Whitnessing Oked's death at her hand, members Bossk and Latts Razzi persuaded Ventress to join their group, which also consisted of Dengar, and C-21 Highsinger, a military droid. Taking her back to their hideout in a Mos Eisley slum, Ventress was very unimpressed by Fett, who she saw as a small, incompitent

Ventress on Tatooine.

child. Nevertheless, she agreed to join the band of thugs, considering her other options as being turned in. Boarding their ship, Ventress accompanied them to Quarzite, where they landed inside of a massive skyhook suspended above the planet. There, they were briefed by their contractor Major Rigosso, who told them that they needed to protect a cargo en route to his Lord Otua Blank. Taking the lift down below the planet's surface, they boarded the subtram with strict instructions not to open the cargo, unaware that they were already being persued by Kage Warriors. As the subtram departed, Ventress went to the back of the rear car of the train, joined by Dengar. As they talked, they were ambushed by the Kage, engaging in unarmed combat. However, several of the warriors were able to traverse across the engine room, in order to obtain the cargo. Using her lightsabers to defend herself, Ventress incapacitated several of the warriors, however, Dengar was pushed off the side of the tram. As the leader boarded the train and killed Rigosso, knocking

Ventress is merciful to the Kage Clan

Razzi and Highsinger off the subtram, Fett was left as the last line of defense for the cargo - however, he was suprised to learn that the "cargo" was actually a humanoid: Pluma Sodi. As Ventress walked in, she was able to subdue the Kage leader, who was actually the brother of Sodi, after a long fight, and had them both tied up. However, after Sodi claimed that she had been torn apart from her family, Ventress was able to feel a small sense of compassion and relate to Pluma's situation. Annoyed with Boba's arrogant attitude and claim to take most of the reward, Ventress switched Pluma out with him, binding his mouth and locking him inside the cargo, collecting the entire reward for herself, allowing Pluma and her brother to escape. Returning to the skyhook hangar, Ventress presented the team with all their shares, minus her own. Although Razzi claimed that she had proven herself to be a part of the team, Ventress ultimately decided to remain on her own, knowing that she now had a real future.  

Life in Exile

Ventress eventually returned to Tatooine, after leaving her profession as a bounty hunter. Some time after the mission on Quarzite, Ventress kept in close contact with Latts Razzi, engaging in friendly

Ventress locates a price over Savage Opress's head

conversation with her. She became tense, however, due to the growing influence of Savage Opress' dark power, causing a disturbance in the force.  Some time later, while still on Tatooine, Ventress saw a advertisement for the capture of Savage Opress, complete with a hefty price over his head, while in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Leaving immediately to persue the fallen Zabrak nightbrother, Ventress prepared to face him one on one. Unknown to her, Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi was also in the process of tracking Opress himself, and that Savage had been reunited with his long lost brother, Darth Maul. Arriving on Raydonia, Ventress boarded Opress and Maul's ship, sneaking inside, while the two sith beat a captured Kenobi inside the cargo room. After making her presence known and intervening on Kenobi's beating, Ventress insulted both Maul and Opress, before falsely leading them into a seperate area of the ship. Assisting Obi-Wan, she claimed to have come to rescue him, and he was in turn shocked by her sudden about-face as a "good guy" and survival. Giving him one of her lightsabers to use against Maul and Opress,

Ventress and Obi-Wan prepare to face off against Opress and Darth Maul.

the Jedi and Dathomirian witch battled it out against the two brothers, with Ventress eventually gaining both of her lightsabers back and Kenobi reclaiming his own. They retreated into the cockpit just as Maul plunged his lightsaber into the hull, intent on cutting his way in. However, they managed to eject and escape the sith brothers unscathed. While onboard the launched cockpit, Kenobi confided that the two brothers would now be after both of them, and not just Kenobi.

Season Five

My master abandoned me...and that's exactly what you did to her. You and your precious Jedi Order...

—Asajj Ventress

Working with Ahsoka Tano 

After making her way to the underlevels of Coruscant, Ventress began once again taking up the profession of Bounty Hunter, sporting a new voice disfiguring helmet. After Ahsoka Tano's exclusion from Jedi Order due to the temple bombing and death of Letta Turmond, Ventress encountered the fallen padawan on Level 1213 of the underworld, capturing her and intent on turning her in. Ahsoka, knowing of

Ahsoka and Ventress on Coruscant.

Dooku's betrayal of her and her status as a wanted war criminal, instead asked for Ventress' help, as she was escourted by the dathomirian towards officials. Realizing that they both had more in common than she one thought, Ventress agreed to help the young Togrutan Jedi, on the agreement that Ahsoka would speak to the council and senate on her behalf. The two were forced to flee as Anakin Skywalker arrived in order to bring Tano back under Republic guidance, and Ventress was forced to activate a forcefield in order to insure their successful escape. Leading Tano to an old holo comminicator, Ventress allowed her to talk with her Jedi contact Barriss Offee undetected. Unknown to Ventress or Tano, Barriss was the Jedi traitor who had bombed the temple and framed Ahsoka, and was leading them both into a trap by advising her to go to an abandoned munitions warehouse. Knowing of the location of the warehouse, Ventress agreed to get Ahsoka there,

Ventress is knocked out by Barriss Offee

however, they were soon surrounded by a legion of guard troopers. Ahsoka, not wanting to kill anyone, tried to reason with the troopers, but Ventress promptly attacked, knocking several of them out. Both Tano and Ventress managed to subdue all the troopers without killing any of them, before making a getaway. Arriving at the munitions warehouse, Ventress left Ahsoka alone, claiming to have done her part of the bargain. As they departed however, Ventress was knocked out cold and incapacitated by a rougue Barriss Offee, who took both of her lightsabers and her helmet, before facing off against Tano in the warehouse under the guise of Ventress, who was to be framed for Tano's murder. However, Ahsoka survived, and Offee retreated back to the temple.

Ventress is interrogated by Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin Skywalker, still unsure of the circumstances surrounding Ahsoka's betrayal and her involvement with Ventress, and thinking the former assassin as responsible for framing Ahsoka, tracked her down back in the underlevel. Ventress, sensing Skywalker's presence, attempted to evade him, but was eventually force choked into submission, unable to defend herself. Skywalker demanded why Ventress had been involved with Ahsoka's escape, to which she truthfully stated that she was going to turn the young padawan over, but realized that they both had more in common than she had originally thought. Angered by the prospect of Ahsoka being compared to her, he refused to believe what she was saying, that she had merily been ambushed by an unknown assailent. However, she remembered that Ahsoka had contacted Barriss, giving up the name to Skywalker, who in turn left her alone to wander Coruscant once again.  


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