Barriss Offee
First appearance | Weapons Factory
Last appearance | The Wrong Jedi
Appeared in | S2, S4, S5
Gender | Female
Species | Mirialan
Affiliation | Jedi Order (Galactic Republic)
Homeworld | Mirial
Weapon(s) | Lightsaber
Voiced by  | Meridith Salenger

Barriss Offee is the Mirialan Jedi apprentice of Luminara Unduli. She is an extremely loyal student, and a skilled Jedi. She is known as one of Ahsoka Tano's best friends in the Jedi Order, and a maturing diplomat and healer.


Season 2Edit

Barriss first appeared the the season 2 episode "Weapons Factories" alongside her master (Luminara Unduli). She and fellow padawan Ahsoka Tano and her master Anakin Skywalker were sent to Geonosis to infiltrate the Geonosian's shield generator. As Barriss and her master arrived, they witnessed Tano and Skywalker in a heated arguement. Eventually, the four Jedi made a plan for the padawans to sneak into the Geonosian cat

Barriss and her master

acombs. Luminara trusted her padawan enough to get the job done, as opposed to Skywalker's distrust in Ahsoka. As the padawans prepared to enter the catacombs, Ahsoka grew slightly angry at Barriss' leader-like attitude. Sneaking past several sleeping Geonosians, Offee and Tano managed to make it into the main reactor room, planting explosives. However, they were ambushed by the Geonosians who began to fire at them. Ahsoka was rendered unconcious, and Barriss had to choose between her and the bombs. She infiltrated the tank destroying both drivers, and as Ahsoka woke up, they decided together to use the tank to destroy the reactor, knowing well that they would both probably die. With the reactor destroyed, the entire factory collapses, making Skywalker and Unduli believe them to be dead. Luminara made peace with Offee's "death", however Skywalker had trouble. However she was relieved once both padawans were found alive and well, protected by the tanks heavy plating.

Following the destruction of the factory, Barriss and Ahsoka were sent off planet to recover from their injuries and recuperate.

After returning to the battle, Ahsoka and Barriss were chosen to ship medical supplies to Mace Windu on Dantooine. As the two padawans and several clones boarded the ship, they were unaware that Scythe, a clone, was carrying brain worm eggs. Barriss was greatful to get some needed sleep for the long journey ahead while in hyperspace, however Ahsoka was unable to sleep, so they went to the mess hall for a meal. Ahsoka questioned Barriss on her morals, looking up to her as a friend. Barriss was also curious about Ahsoka's master, Anakin Skywalker. They were suddenly attacked by to possessed clones, but were able to knock them unconcious. When Trap and [[Havoc|Ha

Barriss is nearly posessed by a "brain worm"

voc]] arrived, both padawans demanded answers, but eventually deactivated their lightsaber, believing them to be telling the truth. While on their way to the bridge to investigate, they were attacked by another clone, and Barriss was forced to kill him. They discover that the clones are being controlled by worm like creatures. They make their way into the cargo bay, where they walk in on a gathering of possessed clones, and are forced to escape through the ventilation system. Barriss suggested splitting up, albeit reluctantly. Barriss heads to the thrusters to stop the ship from reaching its destination. On the way however, she was ambushed by several clones and posessed by the brain worms. Her brain now under control, she chased Ahsoka, attacking her, before Tano managed to escape once again into the vents to disable the coolant system. She succeeded and proceeded to the bridge. Barriss found her once again and attempted to kill her with her lightsaber, however, Ahsoka severed several piped sending cold steam into Barriss' face, weakening the worm posessing her. Momentarily back to herself, she begged Ahsoka to kill her, but Ahsoka instead managed to kill the worm inside her. After the ship docked safely, Barriss was sent to recover in the medical station.

Barriss appeared once again in "Grievous Intrigue" along with Ahsoka during Jedi Master Eeth Koth's capture and transmission at the hands of General Grievous above Salucami.

Season 4Edit

Barriss had a brief appearance in the season four episode "Deception", attending the fake funeral of Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had faked death and gone under the guise of Rako Hardeen.

Season 5Edit

In "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much", Barriss attends the funeral of the six fallen Jedi killed in the Temple bombing with Ahsoka. She is very distraught over the death of Tutso Mara, who she tells Ahsoka was a training companion of hers. As they leave the funeral service, they are joined by Tarkin and Anakin Skywalker. Skywalker ushers Ahsoka to be with

Barriss contacts Ahsoka via comlink.

Barriss as her friend, and comfort her over Mara's loss. Barriss asks Ahsoke is she believes it is right to sometimes ignore ones emotions, hinting at her involvement in something else unspecified.

In "To Catch a Jedi" Barriss contacts Ahsoka via comlink in level 1315 of the Coruscant underworld, follwing Ahsoka's framing and Letta Turmond's death. She tells Ahsoka that she wants to help, and that she had been doing some "digging" and investigating. She tells Ahsoka to go to a warehouse which Asajj Ventress coincidently knows of, which is revealed to contain the same nano droids used at the bombing.

In "The Wrong Jedi", Ventress gave up Barriss' name to Anakin Skywalker since she witnessed the two conferring in the underlevel, before they were attacked. Skywalker, knowing that Barriss was the only other person who knew of Ahsoka's location and the one that directed Tano to the abandoned warehouse filled with the nano droids, confronted her in her quarters, questioning her on her involvement. Barriss acted innocent and calm, but was forced to defend herself using Ventress' lightsabers once Skywalker realized the truth. The two fought through the temple halls, until Barriss was forced to make an escape through the window,

Barriss falls to the Dark Side

claiming that trust was "overrated". Skywalker followed, and they continued to battle near the Jedi training grounds where Terra Sinube and a group of padawan younglings were practicing. Barriss kicked Skywalker into the ground below, and momentarily gained the upper hand before Skywalker retaliated, force throttling her and shoving her up against a tree. With Barriss in custody, he brought her before Palpatine in the middle of Ahsoka's trial, so that they could learn the truth and prove Tano's innocence. Barriss admitted to her treachery, claiming that the Jedi were corrupted and that they were coming to an end. Before leaving, she gave Ahsoka a sorroweful look. Barriss' turn is what eventually led Ahsoka to leaving the order.

Physical & Personal TraitsEdit

As a member of the Jedi Order, Barriss was proficient in the ways of the force and was very adept to lightsaber combat, as she was able to firmly hold her ground against great Jedi's such as Anakin Skywalker following her turn to the dark side. She also was able to almost overpower Ahsoka Tano in "Brain Invaders". Despite the two being great friends, Barriss contrasted with fellow padawan Ahsoka Tano in terms of personality, with Barriss taking on a more mature and leader like role. She preferred to act as more of a peacekeeper while fulfilling her duty as Jedi, similar to her master Luminara Unduli, whom she shared a very close bond with, and remained loyal to. However, due to her strong beliefs in the ancient peacekeeping tradition of the Jedi Order, she was overcome with doubts on how far the order had fallen since the start of the clone wars from their original ways, and thus eventually turned to the dark side, going as far to frame her friend and bomb the temple while defying the order. During her "trial" however, she did show remorse at her actions and how they might have affected her best friend Ahsoka.


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