Latts Razzi
First appearance | Bounty
Last appearance | Bounty
Appeared in | S4
Gender | Female
Species | Theelin
Affiliation | Bounty Hunter
Weapon(s) | Heavy Blaster Pistol, Grappling Boa
Voiced by  | Clare Grant


Latts Razzi was a female Theelin bounty hunter who served under Boba Fett and his second gang, along with Dengar, C-21 Highsinger, Oked, and Bossk. She was present at Chalmun's Cantina sometime during the clone wars, when her fellow gang member Oked was killed by assassin Asajj Ventress. Knowing that they would now need a new member, Razzi invited Ventress into the group, interested with her skills and possession of lightsabers. Razzi beckoned Fett to let Ventress into the group, to which he agreed. The group made their way to Quarzite, a cavernous world, where they met up with Major Rigosso, who tased them with protecting a speicial cargo that was to be delivered to Otua Blank. They were intercepted by a band of Kage warriors, and Razzi defended the cargo over all costs, using her blaster pistol. She and Highsinger faced off against the Kage themselves, with Razzi using her effective boa against them. However, she was overpowered and she and the assassin droid were thrown from the train.

She and the droid managed to make their way back to the station, where they were confronted by Ventress, who offered them their payment. Razzi asked the assassin to join the group, but was denied.

Personal TraitsEdit


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