First appearance | Brothers
Last appearance | Brothers
Appeared in | S4
Gender | Male
Species | Anacondan
Affiliation | Darth Maul
Homeworld | Lotho Minor


Morley was an Anacondan habitant and survivor of the desolate waste planet Lotho Minor, where he discovered the emanciated but very alive body of Maul, a former Sith who had lost his legs in a battle with the Jedi. He served under the former Sith, luering unsuspecting prey to his hideout where he would let the Sith kill his victims and then feed on the remains. Sometime during the clone wars, Morley began to track the Zabrak brother of Maul, Savage Opress. Thinking him only as more prey, he lured the apprentice to Maul's hideout, acting as a guide and assisting in helping Opress find what he was looking for, oblivious to the fact that they were indeed brothers. Once they reached the hideout, Morley betrayed Opress, casting him into the pits of the wasteland where Maul awaited him.

Morley returned, thinking that Opress was already dead, to feed on the remains, only to be suprised to find him alive. Savage, acting in pure hatred towards the Anacondan for the physical status of Maul, crushed his neck and threw him into the fire, killing him.

Personal TraitsEdit


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