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Numa was a rutian Twi'lek refugee citizen during the clone wars, and the battle of Ryloth. Both of her parents were caught in an explosion from the Seperatist invasion proving the predictions of another Twi'lek Tronda. She was spared, as she followed the red eyes of a Seperatist Recon Droid out of the tunnels of her home. She surfaced to find the Seperatist strike force in the planets skies. Scared, Numa took refuge in the ruins of the village, where she was later found by two clone troopers: Waxer and Boil. She grew intimidated of them, and bit Boil's finger when he offered her food. After they removed their helmets however, Numa adressed them as 'nerra'. Reluctantly, she follwed the clones, eventually leading them to her old home, before being suddenly attacked by a pack of Gutkurrs, and narrowly escaping. After retreating into the tunnels, Numa led the pair to an exit point, where Obi-Wan kenobi and the other clones were waiting. Obi-Wan asked Numa about the tunnels in Twi'leki, so that they would have a proper escape route while freeing the captive Twi'leks. Numa was reunited with her uncle Nilim Brill, but recoiled from his grasp when she saw Obi-Wan in danger. She and the jedi were then targeted by the ion cannon, but were saved as the remaining twi'leks resisted, destroying the tank. numa parted with the Jedi and joined her uncle, while again calling them 'nerras' which Obi-Wan's translated as brother.

Physical TraitsEdit

Numa was only a young child, so she was very timid and scared during the battle, and intimidated by Waxer and Boil at first. She was also seen as loyal, as she risked her own life to be with Obi-Wan when the ion cannon was concentrated on him, and adressing Waxer and Boil as 'nerra'.



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